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Free Online Curriculum

This page is your online debate curriculum - 10 articles jam packed with helpful tips from years of experience competing and coaching. Click through our posts to find answers to the most-asked questions about debate and learn to take your skills to the next level!

Here, you will find articles on Cases, Rebuttal, Summary, Final Focus, Cross Fire, and Research! Your curriculum consists of:

1. How To Write A Debate Case

2. How to Prepare for Rebuttal by Writing Blocks

3. How to Deliver a Rebuttal Speech

4. How to Structure a Summary

5. Five Big Tips for the Summary Speech

6. How to Deliver a Debate Final Focus

7. How Should I Decide Which Debate Contentions to Use?

8. What Questions Should I Ask To Win Crossfire?

9. Ten Tips To Improve Your Crossfire Skills

10. How Should I Research for Debate?

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